Cross Country


The cross country riding in Whistler Valley is simply unparalleled. You can easily pop out for an hour or two and ride anything from super smooth flowing singletrack, technical North Shore style features, charge or cruise around the myriad of trails in Lost Lake, or earn a variety of long descents after putting in the grunt work and climbing up any of the surrounding mountains.
You can also make a day of it by riding such epics as Comfortably numb, the Soo valley loop or by adding any number of shorter rides together. Lucky for you - we've ridden them all and are more than happy to show you the way!

Don't exclude taking a day to experience the XC riding in Whistler even if your focus is DH.
We often hear guests justifying tiem in the park because there's nothing like the bike park back home.. the thing is, there's nothing like Whistlers XC riding either!


Trail Network

green lake view

Where ever you look in Whistler you will find some sort of trail that has been forged out of the natural lay of the land to create some of the finest riding in the world.

The municipality (local council) invest a great deal of time and money into making the trails here to a fantastic standard. Wherever the signs of potential erosion show themselves, trail crews supported by the council and the local bike association (WORCA) head on out to create features that prevent any undue damage to the natural environment.

Whistler’s trail network is steadily growing with this time and money investment from local stake holders.

The trail network breaks down into fairly distinct zones. Each one has its own identity and lends itself towards different styles and abilities of rider.

Lost Lake:

Lost Lake’s trail development is spearheaded by the municipality. Its serving as a way to commercialise mountain biking to visitors who may never or have limited riding experience.
Amongst the buff swoopy green graded pea gravel trails however there is a superb interlinking set of progressive flow graded blue trails. These were developed initially for the 24hrs of Adrenaline race, but have been extended and improved over the years.
We use this area extensively for rider development, assessment and orientation.

West Side:

Whistler’s west side has been the zone of choice to the majority of rogue (but excellent) trail building. Home to Whistlers main artery for elevation gain, the Flank Trail. Riders can get up to 1100m an descend anything from the blue Yelp D’huez (27) switchbacks, or black technical rock or loam descents.


For riders looking for a purer XC based experience, the South Side trails deliver.
We’ve the option for some stunning longer distance out and back rides with the ability to progress the technical element of the riding on the way back towards Whistler. It can be wound up as hard or kept as mellow as suits!


Whistlers North Side trails are where we see the highest population of technical black trails. The infamous ‘no-flow’ zone can really frustrate or satisfy and one of our favourite out and backs, Kill me Thrill me is a must do for those of a technical nature.