Whistler Heli BikingHeli Biking is a superb experience and one that is a remember forever trip!

Never been in a helicopter before? Today is the day for the best epic heli-biking singletrack in Whistler!

Ascend to over 6,000 feet, where you will experience endless panoramic vistas of the Coast Mountain Range, Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain.

This unforgettable adventure is the ultimate freeride mountain bike experience...this is a must do while in Whistler.

We are aware that there is significant media surrounding this superb experience and that it might be a "must do before you're 50'' experience.

If so, we suggest that you contact us directly to discuss the private charter of a helicopter.


Charter Pricing

The helicopter seats 4 riders + guide and costs $1300 +GST
Split 4 ways thats $325 per person, more if you're 2 or 3.

Groups of more than 4 are possible but not recommended as we like to make sure trail use and impact is kept to a minimum, but 2 helicopters (Max 8 + 2 guides) gives you a 20% price break and costs $1960 + GST for the 2 heli's ($245pp split 8 ways)

Contact us directly to discuss Whistler Heli Biking