Gravity Light ComponentsWe are proud to say that Gravity have been backing us since 2011. Based out of Seattle we get to speak and ride with the guys behind it all and they have stepped up to the plate with quality equipment that even our guides can do no harm to. With thousands of km of bike park hammering, its a testament to how strong the gravity line is.

We're running the Gravity Light Bars and Stems on all our bikes. The stuff is exactly what it says on the tin - Light and suitable for gravity riding. That said, its light enough to run as XC kit too as a stem weighs in at just 145g for a 45mm stem! The 710mm bars are an equally svelt 320g with the new 740mm 2012 Gravity Light CSI (Carbon System Integration) bars a measly 240g!

The stuff looks and feels great and is working faultlessly so far!

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