continental_vanWe've been in the incredibly fortuneate position over the last couple of seasons to have our bike shod with Continental rubber.

We had a long history with another top tire brand before that, but we can safely and honestly say that Continental rubber has revolutionised our riding.

So, whilst we've been able to reap the benefits of Black Chilli tires for a couple of years, and have happily been able to share our positive experience with our guests, we figure its time to put the proof in the pudding and give all our guests the option to get out there and ride our favourite Whistler tires on your own bikes!

You may well be hooked!

Conti_peakSo, it makes sense to us that our package guests should be able to demo a set of continental tires for a day during their holiday!
Regardless of your riding discipline, you can check out the revolution for yourself!

Be it the 2.5 Der Kaiser or Der Baron for bike park duties
2.2 Trail King (Rubber Queen) for do it all trail riding,
or even the fast and capeable 2.4 Mountain King II for fast yet but burly XC,

Give them a go, we know you'll be impressed!

Check out Continentals range of mountain bike tires here