As a rule, our guides strive to build your progression whilst doing so by building your confidence.

What better way to ensure you can fully rely on your braking and cornering traction than to be running on a set of Continental tyres!

We're supported by Continental and dedicated to showcasing just how impressive their range of tyres are.

So, if you want to give them a go, then we're happy for you do demo a set.

For DH duties, we run their impressive 2.5 Der Kaiser and Baron tyres. 

For Whistler XC guiding, we run their 2.2 Trail King (Rubber Queen) tyres in both UST and tubed versions.

We also have a few other tyres available:

2.3 Baron
2.4 Trail King (Rubber Queen) in UST and Tubed
2.4 Mountain King II
2.4 X-King
2.2 Mountain King II
2.2 Race King 

Something you want to try? Just ask and we will rubber you up for the day