As a mountain bike specific holiday company it goes without saying that we are very passionate about the bikes we ride.
We've put lots of time into testing all sorts and contacting those companies who we believe offer the best products available in the industry.

Considering the amount of time our guides spend in the saddle, every aspect of our bikes has to be able to survive the unique conditions that Whistler presents.

Why not check out what bikes we ride and how we have them built up.

Kind of like a bike p*rn section really.





voltageDH650bThe Voltage FR hit the market probably as one of the most versatile bikes we will ever see.
Here at BBB we've had all manner of Voltage FR built up to suit all manner of riders and trails. From our original 2010 Fr10 frame only bikes built up either as Whistler park bikes with 40 RC2's forks, DHX RC4 rear shocks, Fr2350 wheels or as sub 30lb Squamish shuttle bikes with 36 float 160's, RP23 and EX1750 wheels and 450mm seatposts to give a full pedal height post with full DH drop, the bikes were simply amazing.

The incredibly planted new (2013) Gambler is yet another uber adjustable bike from Scott and it like to charge hard and go fast. 

We've had a thing for the Voltage FR since first roding them and after a chairlift chat at crankworx with Ben Walker the DH product manager at Scott USA about building a 27.5 DH voltage, he suggested he'd see what he had left.
Happily he managed to find a 2012 Voltage Team DH frame and sent it over for a target 27.5 build.

So, thanks to Fox for the 40 float 27.5, some custom offset shock mounts, long rear IDS dropouts and a bunch of parts from Gravity and hubs and rims from DT.. the project was realised.

The motivation for 27.5 was simply after riding the new generation Genius 700. The wheel size made perfect sense for the riding here and those subtle differences from 26 all seemed to align to be a benefit for teh riding our bikes are put through in the Sea-to-sky corridoor.

So, 27.5 Voltage DH seems to work plenty well on the bike park with the lighter weight being a huge plus.. however its no suprise that Scott launced their 2015 DH lines with 27.5 wheels in mind.



genius 2013For 2013, we were excited to embrace the Scott genius 710 and its 27.5" wheelsize
Whilst the tweener wheels set the cat amongst the pigeons in the UK, the new platform works superbly for Whistlers riding!

Scott Genius 710 Frame
Fox 34 Talas
DT Swiss M1700 27.5 wheels
Continental Trail King 2.4/X-King 2.4
FSA Afterburner cranks
Gravity Gradient carbon CSI bars
Gravity Gradient stem
Fox D.O.S.S seatpost
XT Brakes
XT drivetrain



gambler snow

Our 2013 DH guiding bike is the latest generation of Scotts highly adjustable Gambler.
Its user configurable for head angle, BB height, wheelbase and travel.
Tune it how you will and ride it teh knowledge that like prior Gamblers, its not going to suffer any failures!

2013 Gambler DH10
Fox 40 RC2
DT Swiss Tricon 1950
Continental Kaiser Projekt 2.4
Gravity Light Cranks
Gravity Light 800 Bars
Gravity Light direct Stem
Gravity Light seatpost
Saint Brakes
Zee Mech
Saint Shifter



voltageSpring is well and truly on its way!

While Whistler has been hit with just shy of 3 meters of snow during March, Squamish is rideable for the most part on the lower elevation trails and we're getting out and about making the most of the superb trails on our doorstep!

It's a refreshing break to escape the Winter hustle and bustle up in Whistler and get back to some kind of normality in Squamish!

Recently, a nice suprise was waiting on the door step when I got home from a muddy spring ride.

Always one to tear straight into christmas boxes, I had to hold off and share the excitement

All was not as it seemed though......




squamish_JT_Huck2011 Guide Bike Check - JT Huck

Jamie has been with us for a while now and always impresses us with his relaxed flow on a bike.

JT has also been out and about filming and shooting with various photographers over the last couple of seasons. Most notably slotting into the FastFokus - Be Careful webisode and shooting with Jordan Manley for BBB's recent MBUK articles.

Jamie's super smooth on a bike, but ride hard and rides a lot!

In 2011 JT logged 68 days and 328 individual scans on the Whistler bike park alone this year. Based on actual location scans thats a whopping 113,569m (113km) or 383,971ft (73miles) of elevation he's ridden down.
This does not include unscanned rides up Garbo, shuttle days in Squamish or North Van, or even his trip to Europe for the worlds OR even the current season of riding over in New Zealand

In 2010, it was a huge 87 Days and 507 scans on his previous Voltage FR!

To put that into perspective, solely on the bike park, he's effectively taken that bike well up into space and ridden back down again.  

Did he break anything descending over 100km of bike park trails? Not a single thing!



Scott Voltage Freeride 10The super versatile Voltage frameset gets the nod again this year due to the number of different ways this frameset can be put togther.
Park specific bikes are built with Fox 40's, Fox's DHX RC4 coil and FR2000 wheelsets.
Bikes buit with less park use but heli drop and Squamish shuttle riding tended towards single crown lighter builds.
In this case:
Voltage FR10 frame
Fox 36 Float 180
Fox RP23/DHX Air
DT Swiss EX1750 wheels
Continental Baron 2.3
Gravity Light cranks
Gravity Light 777 bars/stem
Gravity Light seatpost
Saint shifting
Magura brakes

Thanks to all our sponsors and supporting brands, your product rocks!




2010 Scott Voltage FR

The Voltage FR was a resounding success during the BIKE magazine Bible of bike tests and has been a hit with everyone who's reviewed it.

The slopestyle designed bikes fits nicely below our workhorse Gamblers as a fun nimble lightweigh yet big hit bike. Our DH guides are running this frame set spec'd for bike park action whilst we have a couple built up in perfect Squamish shuttle bike play mode :)




Scott genius 2011We're lucky that the company's who we feel offer the leading componetry in the industry believe in what we do and how we do it.

Happily we get to set up our bikes exactly as we want to and the end result is superb!

For 2011, our XC guide bikes are the phenominal Scott Genius. The bike is light at sub 25lbs yet is still at home at everything that Whistler has to challenge it outside of the bike park!

Whistlers trail riding is unique with everything from butter smooth single track to steep rocky descents. We need a bike that can take it all in its stride whilst alowing the guides to indescrimitely ride with every level of guest.

I'm not sure that you'd be able to find a more versatile, more capeable bike than the Scott Genius anywhere on the market! Plus, carbon goodness!