West Side Trails:

A River Runs Through ItThe area defined by the trails west of the highway and Alta Lake offers an enourmous mix of trail styles for every rider.

A quick spin from the chalet on the paved Valley trail and across the river gets you out there nicely warmed up. Whistlers most ridden signature trail 'River' offers a fun and challenging ride for all levels. Obstacles, bridges, ramps, drops, followed by more of the same provide a great technical trail learning ground. You can play in here for hours.

A number of flow orientated trails with steady climbs and smooth descents provide a great area for getting back into your riding. Lung busting switchback climbs and super long descents from the Flank trail let you push yourself as far as you want.
Further towards function Junction, the trails become more technical with some very difficult slickrock and natural feature sections.

Whistler West Side trails offer a nice mix of progressive trails that we love to use to help develop riders confidence as well as some great climbs (both techy and cardio based) to a variety of difficulty and style of descents.

Key trails in this area are:

Danimal - Piece of Cake - Bobs Re-Bob - River Runs Through It

The West side has enjoyed a boom of trail work an dadditions both through worca's efforts, developer funded and private trail building projects.
We should give an honorary mention to BBB's favourite Aussie staff member Timmy for his superhuman efforts building the link trail Get Over It!

It's a great area to ride in and our guides can show you the trails that suit your needs best!

The Westside trail network is a loonie race favourite and the annual XC race the 'Westside Wheelup' is always a hit.

Bobs Rebob
Whip Me Snip Me
Bart's Dark Trail
A River Runs Through It
Emerald Forest
Mels Dilema
The Flank Trail
Cheap Thrills
Industrial Disease
Billys Epic