North Side trails:

North Secret TrailThe North side offers some fantastic techncal riding incorporating a mass of natural terrain features and some great epic rides.The Backyard encorporates a number of interlinked trails that offer a great close proximity playground to hone those bike handling skills. Hoem to Whistler's "No-Flow-Zone" trails like Big Kahuna, Shit Happens, Anal Intruder and No Girly Man make this area what it is!

Kill Me Thrill Me is a signature trail for all that is Whistler. It showcases some of the worlds best technical XC trail building and is great place to spend a few hours.

Soo Valley loop is one of our favourite training rides. It offers a nice climb up out the back of Cougar mountain and steadily descends back down to the highway. The views are killer and the air is cool. Head back on the highway or choose the strength sapping Green Lake Loop.

The Backyard
Kill me Thrill me
Soo Valley Loop
Showh Lakes Ancient Cedars
Green Lake Loop