Lost Lake:

lost lake climbLost Lake is a serene area with a myriad of trails. Everything from smooth logging roads to tight twisty technical single track. All of the Whistler race events use this area to its best. We know it pretty well, what with 2 24 hour races, numerous Loonie races and a couple of National level events. We still love it and keep finding the new stuff they are constantly building.

Over the last few years, the Municipality have created new names for the Lost Lake singletrack and linked in all the trails that have been constructed since the first 24hr of Adrenaline event and created a superb technical XC trail set that runs through from the Ticket Booth to the bridge over Fiztimmoms Creek by Green Lake. These trails take their names from Frank Zappa's back catalogue and songs such as Peaches en regalia, Disco Boy and Pinocchio's Furniture ....
[odly Frank also had songs named Over Nite Sensation and Cheap Thrills - so it seems the old school trail builders and WORCA execs must have a thing about this guy! The only thing I can find about Farnk Zappa and bikes is that he played one as an instrument back in 1963 on the Steve Allen show - thanks You-Tube]

Anyway - from there its an ideal trip out to Alpine and a buzz up to some of the valleys most accessible and best view points with some killer descents as a reward!