Kalamalka_LakeOne of the huge draws that pulled us into Whistler was being able to get away from the crowds and have a still relatively undiscovered trail network all to oursleves whilst having all the amenities of a world class resort right on the doorstep.
Whistler is now firmly on every riders map but we can still choose superb rides dodging many of those riders seeking the same amazing adventures that we provide to our guests. However theres always something to be said for showcasing undiscovered gems and vacations off the beaten path.
We're in the early stages of adding in options for guests to explore the riding in and around Vernon, Kelowna, Silverstar and SunPeaks so we can still cater to those riders who've seen and done Whistler, recognise the stunning riding that BC has to offer or maybe realised they dont need to send the Clown Shoes drop or replicate seemingly impossible line choices that the worlds best DH and enduro racers are taking and just want to explore stunning trails with different take on 'Supernatural BC'.

Expect a fine tuned option to drop ready for Summer 2019!

For summer 2018, we are building custom self catered and B&B accommodation options with our tenured guiding and transfer services right here in Whistler.
Let us know what your needs are and we'll fill the blanks!